VERY CHEAP CARBOOT SALE HAUL!.. How Much Did I Pay for these?!


Hey All, I hope your all enjoying the sunshine!, I have a Carboot Sale Haul for you all today. as you can probably tell from the photo its beauty related. So carry on reading and see how much I paid for all these goodies!



MAC Lipstick – Amplified – 50p

TARTE Lip Crayons – Striking, Luscious, Pizzazz – £1.00 for the 3

CHANEL Sample Lipgloss – 166 Amour – 50p

BOURJOIS Lipstick – Rogue Edition 05 – 50p

RRP: mac lipstick (£15.50), tarte lip crayons (£15.00),Chanel lipgloss sample (£5.00), bourjois lipstick (£8.00)


^ Lip Products Swatched




NARS Powder – BUDAPEST – £1.00

NARS Bronzer – LAGUNA – £1.00

NARS Eyeshadow – DOLOMITES – £1.00

RRP: Nars powder (£25), Nars Bronzer (£29), Nars Eyeshadow (£25)



I Dropped NARS Bronzer Laguina 😥



BOBBI BROWN Blush – Washed Rose 2 – £1.00

BOBBI BROWN Beach Body Powder – BIKINI – £1.00

RRP: bobbi brown blush (£19.50), bobbi brown beach body powder (£19.50)






SOAP & GLORY facial wash – £1.00

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Foundation – 250 – £3.00

STILA lip gaze – SUGAR PLUM – 20p

LAURA GELLER lip liner – CLARET – 50p

RRP: soap & glory (£7.99), maybelline foundation (£7.75), stila lip gaze (£15.00), laura geller lip liner (£14.00)






BENEFIT Eye Priming Kit – 50p

RRP: (£12.50)





LUSH Snow Angel Bath Melt – 50p

LUSH So White – 50p

RRP: Lush snow angel (£3.95), lush so white (£3.50)


For All Of These Beauty Products I Paid = £13.70

The RRP For All These Products Is A Whopping = £240.99!






so as you all probably know primark recently released the beauty and the beast chip cup, I couldnt get my hands on it, every primark I visited had none left. So I decided why not make one of my own?

So I did!



I used this retro looking cup I found at a carboot sale for £1, Painted the blue part with white gloss, added the detailing (eyes,Mouth ect,) used clear varnish afterwards to protect it from falling apart




Chip Cup is complete! (took a good 4 hours in total!)



Hey, Happy Saturday!, I am back with a Collective Homeware Haul for you guys.. Feel free to ask any questions 🙂

Light Up Letters

H = Hayley (My Name) – J = James ( My Sons Name)

H Letter – £1.99 Charity Shop

J Letter – £8.00 Ebay


Vintage Shabby Chic Mirror – £2.50 Charity Shop



Large Plant pot – £2.50 Charity Shop (Originally From Ikea)

x2 Small Plant Pots – £2.00 – Primark



Decorative Beaded  Heart – 20p Charity Shop




H Mug – £1.00 Wilkinsons




Glass Storage – £2.99 Charity Shop





Shabby Chic Hanging Decoration – £2.50 LIDL!




Distressed Shabby Chic Candle – £2.99 Charity Shop.


Thanks for Reading!



Starting with the Primark bits…

Lazy arm phone holder – £4 : ideal for mums who have little ones so they can watch CBeebies on YouTube (That’s what I’m using it for anyway!) 

X 7 Ankle socks – £1.70 

False nails X2 – £1.00 Each (black + nude)

Sunglasses – £2.00 (men’s section)

Studded earrings – £2.00 (close up below) 


Sheer white vest – £1.00 reduced from £4.00!

Alice in wonderland pyjama bottoms £3.00 reduced from £8.00

# 1 kid jumper – £3.00

Monster jumper (GRR!) – £5.00


Moving onto Chairty shop bits…

White fluffy jumper – £1.00

Aztec baby jumper brand new from next with labells – £2.00 (RRP – £13)

ZARA Skirt Brand new with labells – £1.00 (RRP – £12.99)


Now lastly H&M…

Kaki green Lace up detail dress – £5.00 reduced from £14.99

X2 Batman t shirts (12 – 18 months) – £4 for Both 

High End Make Up Found In A Chairty Shop! 

These are possibly the best finds in a Chairty shop, don’t you agree!? And the best part is that I only paid £2.99! 

So I was having a browse in my local charity shop and saw a basket on the brick a brac shelf with a few make up essentials inside but none of them took my fancy, I was just passing the till and I saw two ladies rummaging in a basket, one of the ladies mentioned the word “smashbox” I leaned over and peeked in the basket which was filled with smashbox make up, MAC, Clinique, Clarins, Lacomne, Proto – col ect. The lady looking was filled with adrenaline her hands were shaking as she picked up a Mac creamed blush, I honestly thought she’d by the whole basket! But luckily she didn’t, when she purchased some make up I managed to have a rummage myself, luckily I managed to get four MAC Pigments, a Clarins eyeliner, Mac eyeshadow, Proto – col mineral shimmer, Smash box Blusher and a smashbox fusion soft lights.

MAC Eyeshadow – Brown Down

MAC Pigments:

MAC Glitter

Sun Pepper

Copper Sparkle 


Proto – Col: Baked Mineral Shimmer – Spicy Splash

Smashbox: Fushion Soft Lights – GURU

Smashbox: Long Wear Blush – In Bloom

Clarins: Crayon Khol – 01 Intense Black

Carboot Sale/Chairty Shop Haul

Hello, thought I’d share with you what I got from the carboot sale and Chairty shops.  I highly recommend mums out there or ones on a low income (Like  myself) or anyone to check out Chairty shops and Carboot sales it saves a lot of money and is mums know babies grow out of their clothes quick, instead of spending  £10 on a baby grow they’ll only wear for a month you could pay something ridiculous like £1-£2 and you still have money left! 
(as you can tell from the photos my 9 month old boy loves CBeebies :D) 

Please note: the Chairty shop purchases were not all bought on the same day 

Chelsea Boots – £1.00 Chairty shop (originally from River Island!)

Replica Louis Vuitton Purse – £1.00 Chairty Shop

Vintage Bambi Ornament – £1.00 Chairty Shop

Stag Jewellery Holder – 99p Chairty Shop

Eylure Lashes – 50p Carboot Sale

Mini make up Bundle – £2.00 Carboot Sale

. Rimmel Match Perfection Conceler, X2 Rimmel London Lip Liners, Rimmel London Lipstick, The Body Shop Lipstick, OLAY Conceler. 

Charlie + Lola Toy – 25p Chairty Shop

Teletubbies Drum – 49p Chairty Shop

Mike The Knight – 49p Chairty Shop

Makka Pakka – 25p Chairty Shop

Hippo from Tinga Tinga Tales – 99p Chairty Shop

Upsy Daisy – £2.00 Chairty Shop

Iggle piggle – £1.00 Carboot Sale

Woolley and tig – £3.00 Carboot Sale

Cream playsuit originally from Primark  (brand new still with tags)  paid £1.00 at the Carboot sale, bargain!

VIVA LA JUICY – Juicy Couture 30ml

£7.99 Brand new Chairty Shop 

What’s On My Desk Area? 

How you all doing? I’m forever on YouTube watching “what’s on my desk/my desk organisation” and some of the videos I see the organisations look stunning. I thought I’d get some ideas of some  and make a little desk area of my own! 

If your wondering why there’s a wireless keyboard, the laptop keys broke 😦 

Zoella Pick Me Pot – Boots

H Cup – Wilkinsons

Acrylic Draw – Charity Shop 

Copper Tea Light Holder – Charity shop


Marble Notebook – Primark

IKEA Plant Pot – Chairty Shop

Little Green Artificial Plant – Primark 

Stag Holder – Chairty Shop 

Rose Gold Watch – Next

Rings – Primark

Earrings – Primark

Vintage Deer – Chairty Shop

Please feel free to add any comments and follow me if you like Hauls, Fashion, Beauty and Baby stuff! 

An Under £5 Charity shop haul 2017

Hello everybody I went charity shopping yesterday as I was on a hunt for CBeebies toys for my son, I managed to find a few things and even some LUSH Cosmetics products!.

I travelled to 4 different towns in Hampshire as each had a variety of charity shops.

I found a disney dumbo toy, Mike the knight soft toy, a Teletubbies drum, a body shop soap and some LUSH Products!

It all came to under a fiver!



Dumbo – 20p Teletubbies Drum – 49p Mike The Knight – 49p The Body Shop Soap (Apple) – £1.00 LUSH Rub Rub Shower Scrub LUSH Pink Soap LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion – £1.99 For The Lush Products.

Sharing A Room With My 9 Month Old Son


I have been umming and arrring wether to post this but then I thought there’s bound to be a mum/dad/carer who shares their bedroom with their child, ok so I am a single mum (by choice) still living with my parents as most of you probably know how hard it is to get a place of your own. Mine and my sons bedroom is a single room (basically a box) luckily I managed to fit a single bed, cot, tv, wardrobe, clothes rail, shelves and a dresser. And was still able to make it look homely, I managed to build myself a shelf to put my make up and vanity bits on (photos will be below) and made my sons area near the window he loves looking at the tree and buses!




James’s Little Book Shelf


James Looking At Buses Hehe


Lights Above Single Bed


Single Bed


James’s Area


James’s wall Area


On Vanity Shelf


On Vanity Shelf


CBeebies Toys In Cot